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With 29 years of experience in the field, IMC has created solutions based training originating from years of experience, a reputation for getting the job done in a timely and efficient manner, all while being profitable. Many find that our training for service technicians and managers practical and efficient. We think you will find the same.

IMC currently provides the following training:

Two Wire Systems

  • Diagnosis of Wire Issues – Where to Start
  • Proper Tools for Diagnosis and Repair
  • Manufacturer Differences and How to Stay Focused on the Product Being Serviced
  • Keeping It Simple

Central Control

  • Programming
  • Scheduling

Electrical Troubleshooting

  • Flow Sensor Communication
  • Controller Communication

CEU ApprovedIA CEU Approved Classes Offered


  • Defined Focus/Accountability
  • Advanced Employee Skills
  • Self-motivated Work Force
  • Improved Field Service Efficiency
  • Strengthen Your Brand

IMC provides training for companies, teams, and individuals. Pricing is based on the size of the class, the topic – length, and the location. Each class is approximately 1 to 2 days depending upon the particular training selected.

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