A Turf Feeding Systems fertigation system was specified by the Irrigation Management Consulting team and was installed last week on the sports fields at the University of Miami to reduce water, fertilizer, chemicals and labor and improve the field quality.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) June 02, 2015

Irrigation Management Consulting (IMC) is a leader in irrigation water management, specializing in large commercial and campus landscapes. Their background of more than twenty years is focused on water management by remote central control networks and accurate site evaluation.

IMC creates a site data base using special GPS to accurately measure (one foot accuracy) and draw the site, plot the position of all the heads, valves and piping to better manage the property by accurate numbers. Their team members include irrigation design, landscape design, and agronomy now including Turf Feeding Systems (TFS) fertigation to create a total program for any large commercial property or university campus to reduce water and maintenance costs.

Vince Muia - University of Miami Athletic Grounds Manager - with part of the new fertigation system.

Vince Muia – University of Miami Athletic Grounds Manager – with part of the new fertigation system.

The TFS fertigation system was installed last week on their irrigation system for the sports fields to accurately inject fertilizer and nutrients into the irrigation water to make each drop sweet with nutrients to feed the grass and soil.

Michael Chaplinsky, the president of TFS states, “Fertigation is a great tool for Vince Muia, the Athletic Grounds Manager to use to reduce water, labor and costs, while improving field quality.” TFS has hundreds of fertigation systems installed on sports fields and sports complexes across the US and around the world.

TFS shipped a large S2000 to Hong Kong last month for the Hong Kong Soccer Stadium. The S2000 is a high-capacity sports field system injector that can quickly apply up to .5 lbs. per 1000ft2 or more of any nutrient in one irrigation cycle or, lightly spoon feed with each irrigation cycle.

Field recovery damage from over play is one of the biggest issues for any field manager, and fertigation offers a special value for that issue. Fertigation can grow grass faster than any dry or spray program, and once the field has recovered, fertigation can be cut back to maintain the turf at any level.

Chaplinsky says, “Fertigation can dial up turfgrass growth for recovery or dial it down to maintain it. It simply gives the field manager – green for less, time and costs.”

IMC and TFS are a great team, helping the University of Miami maintain their sports fields for less water and costs.

Mr. Chaplinsky has a number of projects across the US in golf, sports fields and landscapes as well as with olive growers in Texas. He is an expert in improving poor soils, sand, and sodium issues in the soil.

He is looking for serious partners to implement sustainable agriculture anywhere in the world. Interested parties can contact Chaplinksy and join his e-newsletter by clicking here and completing the form.

Michael Chaplinsky – President / Founder Turf Feeding Systems
Turf Feeding Systems – Houston Texas – USA – The world leader in packaged fertigation systems (fertilizer injection into irrigation) for golf, sports fields, landscapes, resorts, and agriculture.

Mr. Chaplinsky has worked for over 28 years implementing water efficiency and sustainability into all types of irrigated projects around the world. He speaks at many conferences and lectures on sustainable soils, landscapes, golf and agriculture.

Mr. Chaplinsky has worked with the top scientists and engineers on the project that include construction, revegetation, bio-remediation and beach erosion. He brings technologies and practices together to promote plant and soil health, and create the values and benefits of sustainability.